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Paw and Oats is a family owned small business in the heartland. In 2007, I opened “Go Pet Go”, as a friendly neighborhood pet store in the Kansas City Northland. Over fifteen years later and with the unwavering support of my wife and business partner, Megan and two sons, Dal and Carver, our family business has grown to four store locations. Through the years Go Pet Go and Pettersson Pet stores have succeeded on one very basic and uncompromising principal: Sell only the best.

Our pets give us so much love and companionship. We believe that they deserve the best and safest food that will extend the quality of their lives! With Paw and Oats we are able to share this long conviction with you by delivering these great foods right to your front door. Shop with confidence!
Sincerely, Tim Peterson

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    We believe in providing only the highest quality and most nutritious dog food to keep your pup happy and healthy.

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    Our all-natural, healthy, and delicious dog treats are the perfect way to give your pup some extra love!

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    All-natural ingredients, providing your kitty with a balanced meal full of essential vitamins and minerals!

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